To have the best grade in 2018/2019 Unilorin Post UTME Exam is not difficult as you might be thinking – don’t feel intimidated. Passing Unilorin Post UTME Exam with ease is equivalent to getting the right information like this on time and acting effectively to make the best.

Take for instance you’re to write an examination without a class, without a tutor and without any area of concentration but with an examiner. That’s the real definition of the examination you are about to write. Now, imagine someone tells you to focus on a subject or topic or areas of concentration and you went ahead to study it very hard but on getting to the examination hall you realized that the examiner did not set questions from all the topics you studied. Be truthful to yourself;

How would you perform in such an examination? WOEFULLY!


A smart candidate will understand that past years’ questions will not be the same as this year questions – It serves as a GUIDE! You may ask… why is questions not the same every year? Why do many candidates insist on practicing past questions? All because they look for repeated questions only. Maximizing past question is beyond that, it serves as a guide to give you area of concentration, it serves as the best tutor and also becomes a direction on what to study.

How? It shows a salient trend of topics but with different questions. For example: Concord might be repeated every year but with different questions. Many candidates make the mistake to study the questions and not the salient topics to master.

Past questions serve as a guide, reference note, syllabus with topics to study. If you critically check through, you will see high repeated topics through the questions. Unilorin repeats topics almost every year with different questions. This make every year questions differs. For example: Unilorin may decide to set questions from concord, register, stress etc

Note: Focus on the topics through the questions and not only studying repeated questions

Yes, you know it’s a guide but the school have a pattern. Many candidates failed to get the pattern thinking that the past question is the pattern. This is a capital NO!

UNILORIN Post UTME Exam pattern

The first pattern to consider is that Unilorin post UTME examination is a Computer Based Test. Every candidate knows this but are not conscious of maximizing it as strength. HOW? The way you will be asked questions is not the way you prepared for it. For instance, you have 50 questions to answer in 25minutes, this calls for speed and accuracy which most candidates failed to put into practice when practicing past questions for the examination.

Why? Because most candidates practice Paper Based past questions hoping to write Computer Based Exam… What’s the correlation? Practicing paper based questions waste much of your time starting from answering the questions, scoring yourself, and correcting the errors. It would have been better to have a smart Computer Based past questions practice. It will save you time, it increases your chance of practicing more questions, it will cultivate the speed and accuracy to answering questions.

UNILORIN Subject Combination Pattern

Unilorin has subject combination pattern. It’s important that every Unilorin candidates should know that Unilorin post UTME is always in combination of English language, Mathematics, Biology and General questions. Every candidate will answer similar set of questions irrespective of your course of study at a random base. This is a pattern many candidates know about but couldn’t get the salient points to put into consideration. This includes

  • Unilorin majorly ask questions on the principles of English language which carries highest percentage of the examination questions. You need to have a strong knowledge on this – learn a lot of grammar and idiomatic expressions with their meanings.
  • Unilorin test candidates with general studies questions majorly on the current trend affairs in the country and Government (Nigeria history).
  • Unilorin Maths questions will require more logical thinking than rigorous calculations. Atimes, it may not require calculator. So, they may not allow you to go in with a calculator.
  • Unilorin repeats questions. You may find a question repeated twice but with shuffled option in your examination

You will do yourself a favor if you practice the aforementioned salient points with a computer based past questions.

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