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From The Desk Of Taiwo OLANIYAN

Dear Candidate,


This is a prolific book with a substantial price but probably worth paying for by those who absolutely and positively even desperately want to be successful.


There’s so much information about Education and Self Help out there but sadly no one bothers to share the powerful truth on why candidates passed JAMB but FAIL Post UTME miserably in the competition called “THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” …



Let me introduce myself…


I’m Taiwo OLANIYAN, a final year undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State. I’m a young man who orate about IMPACT – helping others find what’s missing that have found… A University Departmental President and an optimist, I believe in possibilities with Positive Mental Attitude which has resulted to solving myriad of problems here and beyond. Yours won’t be different!


Wait! Do you have fear for failure in POST UTME 2018? You have been writing examinations but you’ve not written any higher institution’s examination before or you’ve written but failed or you passed above average but couldn’t meet up with cut off mark and eventually you missed the admission. Honestly… Does that create fear for losing out 2018/2019 admission?




Why? It is a competition. But that’s not the main point here.


The Real Question Is: Do you want to learn the step by step guide to become a survivor in the competitive examination?


If you answered YES!


Then you have finally reached the right place to rocket your chance of passing the examination with almost a smart work effort on your part now, not tomorrow, not next month.


Truth is – most intelligent candidates give up just when they are about to make their examination breakthrough.


They QUIT on the one-yard line.


I don’t want you to be one of them.


First, let me say this – if you’re satisfied with your present JAMB grade or you know everything about Post UTME examination or you have a connection somewhere to get you admission – This is NOT for you.




You’re about to learn the smartest way to beat the best and be the best – and I’m going to show you.



If you stick with me till the end.



Only 850,000 spaces have to be jostled for by 1.7 million 2018 JAMB registered candidate for admission into Nigeria higher institutions.


That’s a conservative number to look at…


Why? Nigeria higher institution is the largest, most popular and undying highly rated indicator for employment at the labor market. EVERYBODY wants to go to school. With over 5,000 tutorials coaching centres in Nigeria alone, with a tuition fee worth huge amount per session and more.


People are looking online for solutions to their problems than ever before, a no-brainer will know that tertiary institution is a must go for any person to have an edge in Nigeria.


GOOD NEWS: I Have A Solution for You.


My team and I had researched on the best succinct, clear, tested and trusted recipe compiled them into a massive value- dense blueprint, crystallized them into the most simplified, digestible and high- quality step by step guide that will not only eradicate your fear but also give you an unwavering hope for success.


Sounds awesome so far?


Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the brand new, never seen before.



5 simple steps on how to beat the best and be the best!

Time is one of the most valuable things in this world – it is a factor for success and that is why the eBook will…


  • Benefit 1 – Show you how you can outsmart other candidates, saving you valuable time!
  • Benefit 2 – Give you the confidence to become a successful admission survivor
  • Benefit 3 – Teach you how to increase your I.Q with a proven way that guarantee accuracy
  • Benefit 4 – Teach you how to answer questions like undergraduates
  • Benefit 5 – Help you gain more freedom to work and independently make a MERIT LIST
  • Benefit 6 – Put you fully in control of your academics’ success and help you become totally organized
  • Benefit 7 – Help you to know the right material to study and how to study them.
  • Benefit 8 – Teach you strategies that will help you now even beyond in higher institution’s examination.


It comes with some features:


  • It is very succinct and quick to understand, you don’t have to worry, it’s not complex.
  • It has five (5) simple steps to follow, just apply EFFORT on your part.
  • It comes with an Application for past questions practice
  • It is well graphically presented


This Blueprint Is Perfect For:


  • Those who are frustrated of writing Post UTME many times over and over without admission
  • Those who are tired of letting fear for failure control their lives
  • Those who want to find ultimate strategy to destroy failure with smart work and become unstoppable product of success!

Here is what you need right now


The secret…

One of the critical keys to bring your success to limelight is to have your own quality strategy to beat the best!

That is why you must be determined and focused to build yourself as an authority figure and make your mark by merit.


Remember, everyone wants the best tool to achieve unstoppable momentum. When you apply the system that sets you up to Win in LIFE – you will have no reason to fail ever again.

Read what some happy students have said about the concept in the E-book


I have gone through the pamphlet containing insight into the problems being faced by candidates in Post UTME across Nigerian Universities. The author provides four-step panacea to the challenge of failing PUTME.  I have found the counselling provided very useful and a compelling solution to failure of candidates to hit ‘cut off marks’ which are not necessarily a measure of individual candidate’s greatness but relative boundary for success in a particular institution.


However, the author and the book fail to cover a gap i.e. to advice candidates to consider their strength vis-à-vis the requirements of his/her institution. Some new generation universities have particularly high cut off marks because they are usually oversubscribed by high quality students.


After Dr. Omojola Awosusi, the former registrar of Ekiti State University pointed out in his testimony that this product failed “to advise candidates to consider their strength vis-à-vis the requirements of his /her institution”. I went right ahead to supply that critical information as additional step to make fifth step.


Now, I have a water tight product that will guarantee that you do exceedingly well in your next PUTME.



Unlimited Personal Mentorship via Email Messages


  • Here, you will get an advantage on hold me by hand mentorship via email
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  • Finding like-minded Academic Scholars
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  • Having somewhere to post any issue or complaint that bothers you about your prospective school
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For Your Success,



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